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Being accused of any crime is a traumatic event in anybody's life. We
believe that everyone accused of a crime has the right to a strong
committed defense, and that every case is of vital importance to the
accused. From the most minor to the most serious offence, our approach is the
same - detailed investigation that explores every avenue, pro-active
and determined representation in the police station and at Court,
commitment to providing the best advice and explanation of the law, and a
sympathetic understanding of the importance of the case to you.

We are able to deal with road traffic and minor offences in-house but will outsource more serious cases to ensure that advice and assistance provided is geared specifically to our client’s needs, these include sexual offences, armed robbery, drugs and murder; fraud, financial impropriety andwhite-collar crime. We can also advise on appeals and applicationsto the Criminal Cases Review Commission, and on prison law, including
discipline, treatment, the Prison Rules, and parole and release.




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